AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANERS – I recommend the ZODIAC BARACUDA pool cleaner for ease of use. It only has one moving part, and runs very quietly when vacuuming the pool. Read more about the Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaner.

Other pool cleaners available are the ZODIAC S5. This cleaner has more moving parts and works better in the long narrow pools and pools with stepouts, and is least likely to get caught in corners as it rotates when caught in difficult places. Read more about the Zodiac S5.

ZODIAC CHLORINATOR is a fully automatic, self cleaning system which is able to super chlorinate the the pool at the push of a button, with adjustable chlorine output to suit your requirements. It will also let you know when the salt level is low. No more need to purchase chlorine for your pool. This can be converted to mineral chlorination at any time for a better bathing experience. Read more about the Zodiac chlorine generator.

I recommend ZODIAC and WATERCO pump & filters due to the quality and long warranty given and also the cost effective price for spare parts if required and the ease of servicing the equipment.

The ZODIAC and WATERCO SAND FILTERS are regarded as the most cost effective and best form of filtration, provided you have the right size filter for the job. These filters are covered by a 10 year tank warranty and is UV & corrosion resistant. Read more about the Zodiac Titan Series Fibreglass Sand Pool Filters and the WaterCo Fibreglass Sand Filter.

ZODIAC also offers crystallite, a glass based filtration media used to replace sand inside your filter, offering reduced backwash requirements, more effective filtration, environment benefits by saving water, and health benefits by offering cleaner water and a safer bathing experience.
ZODIAC and WATERCO PUMPS are covered by a comprhensive 3yr warranty and a high grade stainless steel mechanical seal is incorporated for extra protection against corrosion. Read more about the Zodiac FloPro Pool Pump and the WaterCo Pool Pump.

MULTICYCLONE Reduces water wasteage and can increase the life of sand and cartridges filters. This should be fitted to all systems to help reduce the ongoing problem of water restrictions. With a reduction in the cleaning of filters and less chemical useage (as the water is not sent down the drain as often) this unit will give up to 3 months of filtering without the need to backwash on a monthly basis. Cleaning the cartridge filter is reduced to approximately every 2 months again saving on water. Read more about the WaterCo Multicyclone.

At anytime you may need to replace your old equipment, I offer a prompt and friendly service to protect your pool from going green.