There is a wide range of chemicals available for the pool water. I prefer to consult with customers about their pool chemicals, and requirements as sometimes we see products marketed specifically for a certain condition when really the problem can be solved simply without the need for expensive chemicals.

Sometimes you can just have too much build up of chemical in the water that is creating a problem in the clarity. Most chemicals are specialty products and it is not necessary to use them all too often. The chemicals sometimes have a makeup of other chemicals built into them and suddenly the pool water has too much of a chemical in the water and becomes costly to treat. My aim is to inform customers of this, which in turn will reduce the maintenance cost of your pool.

Converting chlorine pools to salt water is the cheapest way to chlorinate the pool as it produces an on going chlorine residual in the water for the effective sanitation of water.

NOTE: Also available to my customers is a 12 month pool chemical supply for a very low price. So make the call to discuss your needs.