About The Pool Medic

I started in the swimming pool industry in 1988 and have 21 years of experience in pool water chemistry and pool maintenance. I have managed several pool businesses in Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne. In 2005 I started my own business called The Pool Medic. I enjoy the work I do and take pride in the upkeep of maintaining a client’s pool.

Over the years I have come to realise that maintaining a swimming pool can be very costly. Well, now with my help, I can teach you how to maintain your pool on going, without the need to call in a pool service technician or to spend a fortune on specialty products for the pool. I believe that a swimming pool is meant to be fun and easy maintenance, not hard work and expensive.
I also believe if you have the right equipment you can maintain your pool for less than what it costs to walk into a pool shop for that ‘FREE’ water test, which always seem to end up with something extra to add to the water.

I pride myself on being prompt and on the job within 48 hours; nothing worse than having to wait for a company to come out usually after a 2 week waiting period and in the mean time the pool goes off. I will keep you informed of the condition of the pool and advise accordingly.
Please don’t hesitate to give me a call for some advice. 0403 866 219.

Aldo Crupi.